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  • About RCP

    Roseville Community Preschool is a Play Based Preschool in Roseville, California

    Imagine a place where young children can grow and learn to their optimum by following their own interests and desires. A place where children can wonder, discover and experience the world on their terms; where teachers and parents form a caring alliance participating together in an environment abounding with child-directed play.

    That place exists as the Roseville Community Preschool.

    RCP began nearly sixty years ago when ten women formed a Mother’s Playgroup utilizing the original office of the Placer County Fairgrounds. What started as an empty shell of a building and a small play yard, over the years sprouted into a vibrant early childhood center. It soon gained recognition internationally as a model preschool through their work guided by its original Teacher and Director, Bev Bos. They adopted the Play-Based, Child-Directed, Parent Participation Approach to education that acknowledges:

    Children are naturally motivated by their own desire to make sense of their world.

    Children learn through their active involvement in the world.

    It is the role of the adults to establish the play environment and provide guidance understanding that young children learn best though self-directed play.

    Learning involves all of the senses. Children need to move, to touch, to hold, to take things apart, to rearrange, experiment, deconstruct, reconstruct, imagine, talk out loud, and to play – which is “the single most significant factor in determining our success and happiness.” (Stuart Brown)


    “If it hasn’t been in the Hand, the Body, and in the Heart …
    … it can’t be in the Brain.”
    – Bev Bos