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  • Amazon Fundraising

    Fundraising using the Amazon Link

    The following steps will walk you through how to start fundraising using Amazon!

    Remember to always use the schools Amazon Affiliate link whenever you make a purchase on Amazon.

    Remember to click the link BEFORE you add any items to your cart.
    Also, if using a mobile device, clicking the link will typically open the Amazon app.
    Purchases made through the Amazon app may not count towards fundraising.

    To be safe, disable, or uninstall the Amazon app from your mobile device.

    Make your amazon purchases as you normally would!
    Also, please share the link with your friends and family, the more people that use it, the more revenue our school will make!

    To receive fundraising credit, you will need to run an amazon report and send it to “fundraising@rosevillecp.org

    The link to the report is listed below. Reports must be saved and emailed as a .csv or excel file.

    Report Link: Amazon Report

    Run the report for no less than 1 month duration at a time.
    It is best to wait until the first week of the next month before running to allow all of your items to have shipped.


    There is some potentially private information in the report, such as name, address, phone number.
    If you care to, feel free to remove this information.
    The only 4 peices information needed to receive credit is:

    Order Date : Title : ASIN/ISBN : Shipment Date

    Here is an example of what we need.
    You can always feel free to send the full report if you wish to keep it simple.

    If you have any questions contact us at fundraising@rosevillecp.org